EGR Delete / EGR Removal

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. This is where the engine recirculates a portion of the gas it emits into the combustion chamber to help keep emissions down.

However, unfortunately, an EGR valve can often cause problems with your vehicle which are expensive to fix. That’s one of the reasons why EGR deletes have become extremely popular because it helps to avoid expensive costs further down the line.

Using our tools and software, we have the ability to fix EGR problems by disabling and removing your EGR valve. Your car will run more efficiently and perform better after the EGR delete is completed.

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    How to tell if your EGR valve is failing…

    • Reduced performance
    • An increase in emissions
    • Fuel consumption increases
    • Engine management light is on
    • The exhaust is smoking
    • When idle, the engine is rough

    What Are The Benefits Of An EGR Delete?

    Reduces the engine’s temperature

    A faulty EGR valve can cause the temperature of your engine to rise, which is not healthy. After we have completed an EGR delete, your engine can operate at a cooler temperature and work more efficiently.

    Simple and cost-effective

    This procedure is quick, painless, and inexpensive. An EGR delete costs much less than replacing or repairing your existing EGR valve. For this reason, it’s becoming more popular for garages to outsource this to us.

    Fuel efficiency is improved

    Since the engine will run better, the result will be better mileage, improved fuel burn, and longer engine life. This will result in improved fuel economy.

    Avoid costly repairs

    If you get an EGR delete, your car will not experience any common issues that are caused by a faulty EGR valve. Therefore, you save on future repair costs that would have been incurred.

    Increased responsiveness

    If your EGR is blocked or faulty, it can reduce your engine’s responsiveness. Your engine can perform at its full potential after an EGR delete. As a result, your engine will respond more quickly and efficiently.

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