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Bournemouth Remap Services

ECU Remapping Bournemouth can offer you either performance remaps, or economy remaps that will meet your needs. Performance remaps will provide the highest possible improvements in BHP, torque, and driver satisfaction. Economy remaps are more conservative and maintain a higher MPG, which means you’ll save money on fuel.

We can do almost all jobs at your location, unlike smaller remap businesses that may need to send your ECU off to a third party.

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    ECU Remapping

    We use the top-of-the-range remap software provided by Pro Tuning. Pro Tuning software is the preferred choice for many mechanics and professional garages in Dorset.

    Performance Parts

    We can supply and fit additional hardware such as exhaust systems, uprated intake, and intercoolers. This will give you even more power than a remap on its own.

    Gearbox Tuning

    Improve acceleration further with a DSG gearbox remap. A DSG gearbox remap will give a smoother and faster shift speed between gears.

    Professional Engine Tuning in Bournemouth

    You can trust us to provide the best remap service possible because we are committed to high-quality research and investing in the latest tools. Our fully trained technicians will complete vehicle diagnostics checks before upgrading the software on your vehicle.

    Our tuning is performed to keep within the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. More power is useless if your vehicle becomes unreliable and sensitive to faults or breakdowns. This is why at ECU Remapping Bournemouth we are focused on providing 100% quality assured ECU tuning services, using only reliable, high-quality tools and software.

    Mileage Correction

    If your vehicle is showing the wrong mileage then we can correct it for you! Our digital odometer adjustment service in Bournemouth works for almost any vehicle and means you can fix incorrect mileage. This is a quick and affordable solution to fix the mileage on your odometer.

    Adblue Removal

    AdBlue is expensive and you will be reminded of it every time your dashboard warning light turns on. Our AdBlue delete service will disable the AdBlue system from your vehicle’s engine control unit. The vehicle will continue to operate as normal, just without the warning lights.

    EGR Delete Service

    An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve can often cause problems with your vehicle which are expensive to fix. However, did you know that most of the time we can fix EGR faults using our software? We can disable and remove your EGR valve to eliminate the problem.

    Speed Limiter Removal

    You may be slowed down by your commercial vehicle’s speed limit restriction. The maximum speeds on these vehicles are usually 70 mph, sometimes even lower. On motorways, this can be frustrating for drivers who want to speed up or safely overtake traffic. We can completely remove your vehicle’s speed restriction or it can be adjusted to your requirements.

    We cover all of Bournemouth

    Our service is 100% mobile and we carry the full range of equipment to complete almost all ECU modifications on-site on our first visit. Contact us today for a free quote!

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